B18A Block

I was wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions on how to build a B18A Block to have a 8-9 PSI boost and/or a 10-14 PSI boost.

But this is a daily driver so I think I wanna stick with the 8-9 boost…


well you should be able to run 8-9psi on a b18a w/ just some really good tuning. if you want to run more than that you are going to have to invest a good amount of money. to start off i would build the head: dual valve springs, titanium retainers, aftermarket valves, if you want you can get some turbo cams(crower 402t i believe are good for turbo) then i would build bottom end: some nice pistons i would get arias 9:1 pistons, eagle or crower rods, sleeve the block or atleasst get a block guard. def. gonna want some arp headstuds, and rod bolts. i am on the same boat as you are, i am also tryin to build my b18a to be running like 300whp. this is basically my setup i am trying to go for. good luck

If I had alot of money:

b18 turbo setup:

Je Forged and coated 8.1:1 compression dished pistons.
balanced+blueprinted bottom end to 9k
knife edged and polished crank
eagle rods shot peened and coated.
reinforced engine gurdle
hi volume oil pump
8.5lb fly wheel
custom made underdrive crank pulley
aggresively ported and polished head 360 degree porting and
titanium valves that are hollow or fillied with that potasium/sodium or whatever crap
polishing in the bowls
extrude honed intake manifold and t/b
3" chargepipes mandrel bent and ceramic coated
greddy air to water (i think) intercooler
hks twin chamber bov (the old one from the 80’s)
dual valve springs and titanium retainers
msd 6al complete ignition system setup for boost
magnecore 10.5mm hotwires
ngk plats a couple heat ranges cooler than stock
custom ground cams made to make real power between 4k-8.5k rpm
equal legnth tubular turbo mani with a tial wg setup for 14psi
to4e 60-1 (you know the ones that are popular on the mk3 supras :slight_smile:
ss oil and cooling lines
fluidyne 4 core radiator
on and on it goes you get the point

basically without spray 400+wp with spray 500whp. oh yea Id want a lsd and custom gear ratios so I could go 160mph in my g2.

anyway back to reality and sorry for jacking the thread.