b18a Cams?

I have a b18a1 and im going to take the head off to replace the head gasket. I figured while ive got that off i might as well put some cams in. the problem is, i cant find any that arnt for vtec. can anyone help me out? and if i put aftermarket cams in what else needs to be upgraded? thx

i would recomend stage 1. there a mild upgrade that will add a good amount of power.


lots of companys make non vtec after market cams, im running stg 2 crane cams right now.

anything higher then that and your going to have to beef up the vavle train

as far as i know aftermarket cams generally do well with adjustable cam gears and maybe do valves etc while your in there. go nuts and give it a port polish too.

my question now, can you put vtec cams into the b18a? do any mods need to support this?

look under the teg tips section for engine. there is a how to for it. “installing vtec cams”

That for installing them into a vtec head.

I dont belive that vtec cams can goe into a non vtec head

vtec cam dont go in non-vtec heads.

Please do not drop in any cams with out proper or supporting valvetrain and tuning.

My stage 2 JG were a blast but the stock valvetrain didn’t help much. Keep in mind this was about 10 years ago.

I would do a higher compression build instead. P30 or ITR spec pistons and a tune would give you a better response.