b18a1 questions for experts!!!!!

i want to modify my engine to get more hp and performance
its an automatic, i know what tranny work iam doing to it
so i need ideas on the engine as far as what route to take

what mods can i do as far as changing internals or ecu
fuel rail , injectors etc…

i dont want to do a swap

i already have i/h/e, fuel presurizer , msd

remeber i want some hp but good performance
i want to keep it simple i dont want to fly to the moon

whats next???


first off dude due a tranny coversion get a 5 speed tranny you’ll feel like you’ve 20hp right there…im not too sure if by doing all sorts of other engine work(internals) you’ll really benefit having an auto tranny…my personal opinion though is n/a build that block so she can handle anything i.e. pistons, rods, cams etc…not only will this give power but reliability too!..hope that helps.