B20B/Z into Auto B16A

Will the B20B/Z block bolt onto the B16A auto tranny?

Is it possible to reuse the B16A IM, exhaust system and ECU?

BTW, I’m running a DA8 XSi auto without ABS.

If there’s a previous thread on this, I cannot find it. Please help me out by posting a link. Thanks.


Forgot to mention that it’s an 89’ model. Thanks again.

The B20 should bolt up to the auto tranny as long as you use the Flexplate off the B16. You can’t use the B16 intake manifoldm but the exhaust system should work as well as the ECU. The ECU will thow VTEC related codes since the B20 won’t have a knock sensor or VTEC solenoid.

The best way would be to run the B18B intake manifold?

Do I need to change the throttle body, or will the B18B TB work fine?


I’d see if I could find a B18a intake manifold. I’m not sure where the newer B18b’s intake manifold mounts a Fast Idle Thermal Valve (FITV), but the B18a mounts it on the intake manifold itself - like the older B16a’s I’ve seen.

If you do decide to get a B18b manifold, check on the FITV :up:

Some of the newer throttle bodies have the FITV attached directly to it.