bad alignment

ok just installed the ingalls camber kit. i am running coilovers with kyb shocks and it handles like crap although i have lots of toe out the tires squeel when i change lanes very aggresivly the tires are not the best but their decent toyo proxes fz4 i was wondering if having an alinment would im prove my sterring response and every things else. ALso the car does not want to come back to center after a turn i have to turn the wheel back manual with my hand and if i do a slight turn the sterring wheel will stay that way.

u have to get the car aligned after you install the camber kit

its really dangerious not to

can some one give me some specs to tell the guy what to set it 2 and should the shop charge by the hour or go by the book or something like that

most shops do it for a flat fee. just tell the shop that you do have camber kits on and to adjust them accordingly. just a reminder, the kits will not elminate all negative camber but will reduce it if they are adjusted correctly.

Also, MOST respected alignment places know about the rear camber washer trick, just make sure to get the longer bolts so they can do the job properly.

10 mm x 1.5 (40mm in length) Grade 8, you will need 4