Battery light / Alternator Solenoid Valve.

Last night after dropping off my girl, my car wouldn’t start. Cranked, but seemed like no spark. First thing, I popped my hood, grabbed my spare coil, cap, and rotor, replaced all 3 in 5 mins. Then spent the next day trying to figure out why it still wouldn’t start. Tested the igniter, even slapped in my extra main fuel relay (yes I have extras of everything). Finally we diagnosed it as a fuel pump problem. Before rippin the gas tank out I checked the solenoid fuse. Replaced it and the car started right up.

Now here comes the mind boggler. :slight_smile: My battery light stays on 100% of the time. I checked the battery voltage while the car is running, 13.76, and it stayed above 13 all the way to redline.

So wtf could it be?

does the battery light go away on high revs?

mine did this for over a month

then my altenator died, i got my **** tested twice and it came out fine both times, next day i heard POP, dead…

id get a close eye on your altenator, dont wanna leave ya stranded

yah dude if alot of weird lights etc are starting to come on for no reason i’ts the alternator

i got the red light flashin on my battery light 2. Found out that it was the alternator that did not charge at all cuz it died. But after replacing the alternator with a new one it still did the same the light remained. The alternator guy said that just a groundin problem it can be fixed by grounding the alternator or some other **** properly. He told me to come back later to fix that problem… But i just left it alone and never went back since my alterator works fine got a good deal on it installed for 120 cdn… well my sound system kicks good and my battery have no problem always chargin and im happy… just ignorre the light…

i would see about replacing the alternator
13.75 is a little low

13.75 is average voltage.