Bench test at Autozone

Has anyone had their ICM tested at Autozone? A guy at Kragens insisted they did, and do that before I bought a new one. But with the research I’ve done there is no way to test it. I’ve followed the chilton’s guide in testing voltage and I can’t find squat on the Hayes for the distributor part. Anyone know If I can get it tested?

well, one way to tell if its bad, is to swap it…

I don’t have anyone to swap it with. I live in San Bernardino, anyone around me???


I went to Autozone and they tested my Ignitor. Its good, when I got back I found that my ground wire had all this white stuff inside of it, so I’m gonna replace it. I guess I have to buy one from the dealer?

San Bernardino here…if you don’t wanna do it take it to the Honda/Acura Specialist on Waterman Ave…this guy is cheap and he only works by himself. He does all of my maintance during the school year when I get busy…highly recommend this guy.

Thanks do you have his #? Is the place called Acura/Honda Specialists?

yeah thats what it is called…got it backwards, sorry…he’s a great guy and does quality work…