Bend Valves!!

How would you know if you have a bent valves?? well, here’s what happened. i was running my car on 3rd gear up to almost 8K rpm when i accidentally dumped it in 2nd instead of fourth. that was bad. so now, i feel like my car bugs out a little when it accelarates around 3-4k rpm then it’ ll pick up the speed. i just had my plugs and cap and rotor changed.

Run a compression check… you can probably borrow the tester for free from a local parts store. From 8k in 3rd to 2nd gear definately doesnt sound too healthy though :clap:

Should come out around 160 (good) or higher if your valves are still OK

My timing belt broke recently and i’m fairly sure it bent the valves… at least your car still runs :mad: I ran a check on mine… 85,90,110,160 :argh:

Im sorry to hear that man. that sucks. ya, the last time i checked my compression i was on 200 except for one of them. i think it was 160. i guess i’ll check my compression again. thanks man!!

you’ll know when you get a bent valve for damn sure…the head will start making a clicking noise and the motor will start to seize up after another few hours of driving. it’ll get to the point where the valve will actually break apart and that’ll be it. rev your motor and if you hear very noticeable clicking noises coming from the engine you got a bent valve

You would think so… when my belt went i didn’t hear any noticeable clicking or anything, the engine just shut off and i coasted into a driveway… although, i also had my music going and it’s pretty freakin hard to hear anything above that :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t hear any clicking now when i crank it over but my car won’t even start, the compression is too low so it only gets up to like 150rpm tops when i’m cranking it

what i described is exactly how it would sound from over-revving, i’ve had it happen multiple times on a b16

my car still running fine as of today so i guess i didnt bend any valve then?? so, what do u guys think is the liitle hesitation then before it picks up speed?? i just changed my plugs and caps and rotors so i dont know whatelse it could be. by the way, thanks for the response.

did you ever check your compression?