Best floor mats

K, I have been searching for floormats that would actually fit in the DA. Bought a couple of sets that said were for the DA but fit like crap. Then I bought some made by Lloyds mats. These things fit perfect and look great and are made of rubber, just like my Element mats. You can buy them from alot of different companies for around $50/front. Cuz who needs the back.

I ordered a replacement carpet kit and floor mats from You can request carpet samples first, before making your purchase.

both of you just made my day… :bow:

I cant find a place that sells, carpets for 4drs. Any help would be awsome.


whoop, he;s right. I didn’t even check out that site. I got a db1…shit…The only thing that bothers me about the sedan. Parts are just a tad harder to locate…

I have a set of ver clean OEM floormats in black for a 2dr. If interested, look at my forsale thread.

Any pics or reviews?? What do you think of the quality?? I’ve been looking at buying new OEM carpeting for my ride

OEM carpet is over $300. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY sells aftermarket carpet as good as OEM. Not even close. When I worked for Honda, I used to sell aftermarket carpet and floormats, and they are pure shit! They say they are molded, but they dont even fit right.

I ordered my floor mats from they are also loydd mats. Very very high quality. They are not a perfict copy of hte oem mats, but close and they fit very will. They are rubber backed so stay in place very good, and the carpet is very plush.

I forgot where i got my carpet it, something like AAC or ACC. It is ok. Fitment was crappy, especially in the rear foot areas. There is too much material on the back part that goes up to the seat, so it is all wrinkly. I did use spray adhesive and glued down the whole carpet so it did end up looking a lot better, but the rear still bugs me. But my only option was finding a used carpet in good shape which is hard to to. I swapped my interior from blue to black.

That’s why the price is that…OEM is the way to go…Honda still takes order for OEM DB1 Integra carpets? I’d be willing to shell out the dough…

What color mats are you looking for. There is an ivory set on ebay, brand new oem.

They don’t sell new oem carpet still do they? I couldn’t use oem carpet, due to the manual seatbelts i installed. Oem has a hold on the side floor for the seatbelt reel. Unless i could get new oem canadian carpet.

I have a tan interior, but post up a link to those carpets, lemme check em out. Thanks…

if you just want replacement floor mats, walmart has decent ones for like 20 bucks. the “best” ones have areas where you can trim the floor mats. i got the clear ones for my da and the black for my db2 and they fit real good for the price. there’s a cut out right where the gas release is. if you want all new carpet and live in western pa or northern va, i could install it for you. i’m also going to start doing custom seats, etc. when i get the money for a sewing machine

yes they do.

I just bought some Loyds Mats last week. They were $99, but they are worth it. I’m very impressed with them. The carpet is nice and plush and they are cut larger than OEM so fit is actually better than the factory mats. Because they fit so tight, they don’t move. They come with carpet anchors, but they aren’t needed. $100 is a lot for floormats, but it really completes the interior and adds at least 10hp.

$342. But, you get what you pay for, and that’s really not alot of money as long as the car is worth it.

I just bought some $40 floor mats on ebay that are supposed to fit like OEM, but they really don’t fit so well…well, they “fit”, but someone really should just have traced out a template from a OEM set of floormats…whats so difficult about that?

would Type R mats fit, or modify to fit?

Reviving this thread…

This rain really fucked me good. In the case I have to relace my whole carpet floors (padding, lining, insulation and carpets) Do I just go straight to any Honda dealer to order these, or is there a site I could visit? I want OEM, I don’t feel like hasslin’ around with imitations that won’t be up to par…Thanks guys…