Best tire size for 17" +25 offset

Hello G2ic. I am having trouble deciding between a 195/40R17 or 205/40R17. The closest match to the stock diameter according to the miata tire calculator is the 195. Also the with the added offset I would not mind having a softer shoulder. Honestly if the rims were closer to +45 offset I would just go with the 205 width.

I am determined to run these wheels and stance is very important. Car will be dumped as low as possible whilst running these shoes if that helps determine anything.

Thoughts and opinions? Rim s are 17x7

I just had two sets of wheels redone and i got tires for one set and went with 205/40/17 and they are pretty rubberband-ish already. I wouldn’t go 195, you’ll bend your rims or have a super harsh ride regardless.


Just run a 205/40. Its a more common size so its relatively cheap. Even if you ran a 195 it still wont be stretch on a 7. 7 +25 isnt that aggressive anyway so you shouldnt have a problem with fender clearance even with stock unmodded fenders unless maybe you correct your camber all the way when dumped.

Thank you very much guys I greatly appreciate it. I’m going with 205/40.

if you are running that offset go with the 195.