BLowing a Fuse

Alright. So i narrowed my fuse problem to my driver side fog light. As far as i can see, there are no bare wires, other then what i want to be bare. Just wondering if anyone might have some ideas as what i can possible do to find the short.


Disconnect foglight at fog light and see if fuse still blows, if not, foglight asbly. is shorted out. :idea:94

Disconnect the fog light from where?

First remove foglight bulb, see if it still blows fuse,if not, remove foglight assemble check with fuse again, if fuse still blows, you have a short in wireing to that foglight :shrug: 94

yeah i know i have a short in the wiring to that light. the passenger side fog light works fine, untill the driver side is hooked up, that’s when the fuse blows. But the thing is, im not sure exactly where the wire could be bare at.

Or to save on fuses install a light bulb in place of the fuse (bending down the tabs on a 194 bulb usually works good) The light bulb will remain lit as long as there is a short circuit. will go out when the short is repaired .