bov question

i have a turbosmart bov the guy who did my turbo kit install got those in so he said he’d put it on my car to try it out. i went to their website and the blow off sound is like a pshhh but mine sounds like pshhh pshhh pshhh it sounds like it echos or something is it cuz it’s adjusted wrong or what? anyone know? thanks!

sounds like compressor surge. Can you adjust the preload? take out washers?

you mean turn it harder or softer? i can do that but which way? there aren’t any washers in it. thanks!

Try loosening the BOV.

sorry about the washers thing…i was thinking about the TurboXS valves.

Loosen the adjustment a little. You want it tight enough so that it wont leak at idle, but not soo tight that it can’t vent smoothly. I usually put mine so that under LOW load it just barely flutters.

i’ve loosened it all the way and it still sounds the same. but my vacuum is now at about 10-11 before it used to be at 20. any other ideas? thanks

tighten it back down, thats not enough vacuum. If the BOV didnt fix it, you must have a hose hooked up wrong. Thats what happened in my buddies supra. I’d have to see it to check it. Get some one who knows a lot about turbo cars to check it.

yeah that’s definitely way loose now. Are you sure you dont have any boost leaks anywhere?

I had a boost leak from one of my i/c pipe joints once and the BOV didn’t work properly at all. Once i found the leak it was nice and loud again.

tighten it so that doesn’t leak at idle and not much past that. keep us posted(no pun intended).

i’ve tightened it so the vacuum is at 19 again but it still sounds the same i asked someone and they said it’s a sequential bov. i’ve never heard a sequential bov before so i’m not sure i’ve only heard the greddy type s and the apex one. can anyone confirm this? thanks!

sequential bov’s dont mean a thing. HKS makes a “super sequential bov” and it just makes one continuous noise. Is there anyway to get an audio clip up?

strange problem. Is this a brand new bov? I had the piston on my Blitz SS seize up me once and i’m starting to wonder if you have a similar issue. I had caused the problem by using some telfon lube on the piston.

are there any other bov’s around you can try?

yeah it’s a brand new bov. i don’t know anyone in my area with a bov like mine. my intake pipe has a cylinder welded onto it so the bov can sit on it.

i can’t get an audio clip but it sounds like pshhh shhh shhh shhh