Brake Bleeding Q...HELP

I just got done changing my lines, rotors and pads, and am now bleeding the system with a one man brake bleeding kit with a vacum pump.

I have gone though a liter of fluid already and am still on the first caliper, wtf?? should it be taking this much fluid on the first caliper to get all the air out, there isnt even much fluid coming out in the hose, its mostly air, even after a liter of fluid has already gone though the system.

Please tell me what i could be doing wrong!

I am keeping the master cylender closed

I just changed my master cylinder two days ago, and I gravity bled my brakes. Keeping the brake fluid resavoir (sp) full, I opened the bleeders one at a time and put a cup under each bleeder starting with the farthest wheel. The fluid coming out was dirty as hell and dark, the new fluid was crystal clear. Took about 10 minutes for each back wheel, and 6 or 7 for the fronts. Gravity bleeding rules. Oh, don’t know whats happening with your car tho, sorry…

I just overnighted some speedbleeders from summit racing, the vacum pump broke, AND IT WAS A CRAFTSMAN!!! Cant wait to get my money back on that one.

Thanks anyways