Brake ducts...

I just realized that brake ducts are Legal for STS and will be my next project.

I haven’t seen a set on a DA (or DB :wink: ), and would like to see some pictures or any tips that anyone might be able to give.

Question: does anyone have these with the brake heat shields still on? I’m assuming you’d have to modify the shields to get any air flow on the brakes. I’m also worried about too much heat absorption by the ball joint. How many daily drive without shields?

I found some good info on Honda-Tech but no DA applications. Pictures would be awesome as well as any tips (materials, fitment issues, sizes, modifying other parts, etc.).


Here is some information:

Hello GSpeedR,

Brake ducts are counter productive on an autocross vehicle! Just pull the dust shield and save some weight. When I had my stock callipers on, I ran numerous/years of HPDE with no heat damage problems to the ball joint boots without the dust shields. Brake ducts just add weight and drag, Integra brakes in stock form with low temp pads are more then adequate for autocross. If you are having temp problems during a Solo II event you are dragging the brakes way, way too much. If you want them for HPDE only put them on for these events.

This is an HPDE application, rather than for autocross. I made the point about being STS legal because I can utilize a permanent attachment to avoid reinstalling them every track event.

As for issues with weight, it shouldn’t be more than 6lbs for both sides (according to some of the posts in my link). That certainly won’t make or break an STS car.

As for drag, the ducts will be behind the front bumper except when they run along the radius rod. There will be some exposure under the car, but there is not much frontal surface area contributed by the ducts themselves.

I will look into a removable installation (leaving the hooks in place for autocross/daily driving). I’m also happy to hear about the ball joints withstanding the heat. It seems to be a significant issue with CRXs on track. More weight to remove, I suppose.