broke TPS sensor, wtd?

In the process of doing b20 swap, broke the TPS sensor completely off the TB. Any hints, because that thing is riveted into the TB, thought I might have to replace the whole TB. On the other hand I still have the B20 TB, but the inlet diameter is smaller than the ls TB, will I lose hp because of this???:frowning:

Take a Dremmel tool with the “heavy duty cutting blade” and make a “slot” in the center of each “rivet screw” on the TPS. Then turn them counterclockwise with a standard flathead screwdriver. They will turn out. Before you do that, measure the resistance of the TPS so you can set it on your new TB. Best of luck.

Thanx, I’ll give it a shot once I get a ride out to my friend’s garage, where my ride’s at. Do you know if their is hp difference between the B20 TB and the ls TB. Mentioned earlier that the B20 has smaller inlet diameter. I believe the B20 TB will bolt right up.:stuck_out_tongue:

Bigger TB inlets usually mean better throttle response (to a point). Too big can be a bad thing. Hope this helps.