Broken Lock, argh!

My driver’s side lock assembly doesn’t unlock. It seems to be stuck on something, I’ve greased it up, but still it seems like there’s a disc missing to give it the ability to turn.

Has anybody come across this problem before? I’m gonna go check it out again right now, but this is really annoying. I started like a week after I got my car, and I’ve had it for like 3 months now. I have to unlock my door from the passenger side.

Any help woudl be greatly appreciated.


Broken Driver’s Side Lock

I had the same problem (well, almost. Stupid me stuck a WD40 straw in the lock, and couldn’t get it out-haha). It ended up costing me $60 for a new lock at the local Honda dealer. I then had to call a locksmith to cut the lock to fit my current key ($10). The locksmith told me that he could have ordered the lock for me for about $20, which sounds reasonable since dealers are known to rip customers off. So, if you can get your lock fixed, do it! But if you need to get a new one, don’t go through the dealer without checking around to local locksmiths first.