Broken temperature and fan speed knobs


I am having problems with the knob in the climate control that you turn to adjust temperature. It began to take a lot of effort to turn, and just today when I tried turning it, it seemed to break and now just turns freely. It is stuck in hot right now, and turning the knob doesn’t change the temperature.

As well, I also noticed that when I turn the fan speed knob to OFF, I still have hot air blowing out of the vents. It seems to blow a little less than the first setting, but still won’t shut off completely. Since it has really begun to warm up the last few weeks, this is very annoying!

If anybody can give me a proper procedure for taking my climate control and both of these knobs out of the dash, that would be great. I have already taken off the instrument bezel, and I’d like to fix both knobs and also re-solder the buttons on the climate control, since I have it apart anyways.

I just put an aftermarket CD player in, so I would like to not have to remove it if possible, just because of the hassle of putting it in again. But, I know this might not be an option.

Thanks for your time,

The only thing I can help with is about the air blowing out even when its off. To fix it change the ventalition setting to cabin air and not outside.

Thanks for the reply. After my temperature knob stopped working, I was switching through different modes, so I’m sure that’s what I did.


Bump for a little bit of help.

As I’ve said, I already have the instrument bezel off. I have the diagram from the Helm’s manual, I just need to know how exactly the temp knob works, so I can know how to fix whatever is not working.

When I turn the knob, it clicks and turns normally, but must have become disconnected/broken from whatever cables it connects to.

Any help?


i did that to my gsr…its a pain. mine broke at the point that the motion of the knob (turning) is transferred to sliding movement. it was like 8 dollars worth of pieces at i think

Yes, I got my climate control unit and fan speed/temp units out of the dash. On mine, the slider piece where the turning of the knob connects to the cable was broken in half.

I believe Acura price is only $3 or $4, so I’m going to try picking one up tomorrow. Here is a quick photochop of the part I’m talking about, #9:

Meanwhile, why does the dial get hard to turn in the first place? I checked both the heater valve and vent box under the dash where both cables connect to, and both seemed to open and close fairly easily with little resistance. Maybe it’s a problem with the cables?


haha…same piece i broke. the reason it gets hard to turn is the actual valve on the heater core. you might have to remove your intake but look over by your fuel filter and you should see where it is.

I believe I checked the same valve you are referring to. I found where the cable from the temp. control dial connects to under the hood, which was right by the fuel filter.

After taking the cable off, I tried opening and closing the valve by hand, and it actually seemed very easy and smooth. Should I just try lubricating that valve anyways to see if it improves the problem?


I have sort of the same problem except my fan speed knob won’t turn at all really. From the off position it moves half way to the first setting and thats it. It won’t move any further even with force. If anyone could help that would be great.