Bushings question

My suspension set up for my 92 gs consist of tein ss coilovers, spc front and rear camber kit, greddy front strut bar, cusco rear strut bar, suspension techniques rear anti sway bar, and a cusco front lower arm bar. its gonna cost me about 600 to have it all installed plus a four wheel alignment. But i was jus informed this afteroon that its gonna cost me and extra 400 to redo all my bushings and ive already spent so much on the set up alone. Is it absolutely necessary that i redo all my bushings or would i be fine jus having my set up installed? id really appreciate as much input on this subject from everybody.

you will NEED some new bushings. Are you still riding factory bushings?

What about balljoints and tie rods? I would replace those while everything is apart, as well.