c.v joints????

yeah i have a 91 teggy gs and my c.v joints were shot… so i took it to the mechanics and they said that they fixed it… but everytime i make a turn it still sometimes makes that popping noise… took the car back mechanics said it was fine… anybody have any advice on wthat this could be??? thanks

it could be something with the suspension probably.

do wut it could be specifically… cause i know that my car is drooped alot but i doubt that, that could be the problem

What did they do to fix it… replace the axle? How long ago was that?

they told me that c.v joints and axels are the same shyt… it wasnt that long cause dat same week that i got it back it still made that popping noise… was going to take it back but then i blew my gsr tranny racing an Sk (S2000) so yeah idk

Your raduis rod nut isn’t tight enough. check that out

your not very clear. did you get your axles changed or not?? and if not, what did the mechanic fix??

they just told me that they replaced the c.v joints. i was thinking that if they replaced them since there new if i have to break them in??? but i dont know they didnt tell me anything bout the axles

Take it back to the mechanic and ask for a very clear explanation of what they did, and then ask them to fix it for real this time. It sounds like they’re fucking with you.

An axle in a FWD car consists of 2 CV joints connected by a shaft, with some nubs on either end to connect it to the knuckle/tranny. “Repairing” a bad CV joint without replacing the whole axle is time consuming, messy, and generally not worth it when a whole new axle is about $60. So it’s suspect that they would use the terminology “We fixed your bad CV joint,” because what they should have really said is “We replaced your bad axle.” It’s like if your piston rings were shot so they dropped in a new engine, then came out and said “We fixed your piston rings.” It just sounds wierd.

Assuming they actually did replace the axle and didn’t just charge you $200 in labor for squirting some grease up in the CV boot, then the other possibility is that something is tweaked with your suspension, and/or your ride height is too low, and you already screwed up the new axle. But that’s a pretty slim chance.

dam that does sound true well thanks bro :bang:

get down and check if your axle is new. sounds to me like they screwed you over and left your old one in.

I had my CV joints replaced today by a good friend and long time mechanic. The job only takes about 45 min to get both sides done. I noticed that when they removed the axles all they did was free up the struts and then remove the bad cv joint and move the rest of the brake assy to the side. So take a look for your self under the car.

#1 - do you see any transmission fluid on the floor? or anywhere around the chassis?
#2 - Look at your outer and inner tie rods. Have you had those replaced within the last year or two? Remember your working on a nearly 20year old car.
#3 - Check just for shits and giggles the transmission dip stick, make sure that they did replace your transmission fluid.
#4 - Did you take your car to get it re aligned? I can guarantee that you will have massive toe problems, even if your car drives straight.

Believe it or not the CV job is pretty much idiot proof.

is replacing the tranny fluid necessary when replacing the axle?? I replaced mine and didn’t add or replace it.

no its not necessary. you only need to adjust the transmission oil if you change the passenger side axle because some oil drips out.

um yeah one my car is slammed I can’t really tell wut conditions the axles are in… can’t see under the car that much… but from that little space that I can see the axles look alright… I know its an idiot proof job but wtf am I supposed to do if I don’t have any machines to lift it up to do it myself I would do it if I can actually lif the car

well then, this explains a LOT.

then just take it to a shop or someone you know who can help you out to get the job done. And thats if your able to drive it at all.

its a very easy job to do, but can be a frustrating job. All you need to do is jack it up and replace. I did it in a parking deck because my axle snapped while turn really sharp and the car didnt move anymore. Had to get a friend to drive me to the parts store and pick up my tools…But if you are clueless about it take it to a shop.

you can buy a decent jack for 50$

no my car moves… it just makes like a clunk or popping noise everytime i take a corner it also depends how i take the corner if i take it sharp or not… i’ve never changed axles but i have an idea on how to do it i just cant lift my car up… do any of you guys know a website that sell axles???