cam gear question

my friend told me that if u buy a cam gear, u have to adjust it every so often…is that true…he drives a mr2 but i drve a 90 integra. i ask my other friend and they say u dont have to but i dont really know…so g2ic…wut to ya think bout this??

no you dont
its a waste of money without cams

and even if you do have cams
you dont have to always chagne that
cam gears are to tune the car
once its set you dont change it outa no where

yep…you only adjust it to tune it and once you’re happy with it, you leave it alone.

They are normally adjusted during dyno-tuning sessions.

and yes…cam gears are useless for stock cams.

i know it might be all motor but cam gears do work especially on turbo

What your friends may be referring to is cheap cam gears. My mechanic friend told me that some of the cheaper ones don’t hold their settings and have to be reset. He said to get them from a reliable company not just ebay knock offs.

i guess reset is what u can call it
but just tq em good
dont over or under tq em and it will be fine

Cam gears are not useless for all stock cams. I saw 8whp on the dyno when using adjusting my intake cam +2 on my old near stock ITR setup. But I will agree that typically this is not the norm.

but thoese are itr cams!