cam holders torque sequence

anyone one know the cam holder torque sequence for 1993 teg 1.8 and does anyone know the difference in a 1995 inetgra 1.8 head no vtech thanks


I don’t have my Helms, but I think you start on the inside and work you way to the outside. Torque spec I think is 20 ft-lbs.

please download the manual when working on internals like that. 95 head has the better cams and slightly bigger intake valves

Non vtec is like 13inch lbs.

Torque spec is 7 lb-ft and start from the inside and criss-cross your way to the outside.

thanks guys i got it

will cam holders on a b18a head fit on a b18c head?

You can not change the cam caps they are like main caps and rod caps they must go back where they came from.