Cam questions for you tech guys :)

If I buy a 91, and replace the cams with those from a 93, do I regain that lost 10 hp? Is that just a straight across swap, or would I need to do something else? Lastly, would I benifit more from an aftermarket set of cams, (ie crower) and gain more than the 10 hp? Lastly, I would not know which cams (lift, duration) to buy anyway. Thanks for the help, I’m sorry about the rookie questions, Ive just never delt with a 91 before. :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t think that the time and effort is worth putting in 92-93 cams. If you want to stick with OEM parts and get more horsepower, the thing to do is to put a B18B head on. Its got better flowing ports and better cams than the 91. You’ll gain around 12 horeses and total cost is under $300 depending on how hard you look.

If you want to change your cams and get better performance from them, I recomend some Crower 62403’s. There is a 62404 that is more agressive than the 403’s, but that cam gives you a lumpy idle. The 403’s will give you what it sounds like you’re looking for.

I would also recomend some Crower valve springs since you’ll probably be taking your redline from 6,600 to 7,200 rpms. In addition to that I’d grab a set of adjustable cam gears so that you can fine tune them. You’ll definitally feel the difference and you won’t need to bump up your fuel pressure or get bigger fuel injectors.

I don’t really know what this is gonna cost you, but you’d probably get the best deal on Hope that helps.



That helped alot. Thanks!

the 92 - 93 cams are not much different than the B18B cams, but are very different from the 91 cams.

What to do is get a B18B intake manifold, B18B head if you can, if not thatz fine…only a tad of hp there. Dump in the B18B cams or Crower cams, depending on your preference. If you want to get 403s, I can get you a good deal on cams; I get regrinds for a decent price. Let me know.

This is also given that you will get header or already have one; part of the 12 hp difference is there also.