camber kit install ??

Just got ingalls front camber kit any i am wondering if it is easy as it looks. is there anything i should know or look out for? thanks in advance.

Its easy, jack car up…remove bolts from the shock tower and anything else connected to the old one and swap out the old one…remember to grease em up real good or u’ll be squeeking down the road when u take it for a test drive…very simple…just remember to get it align asap…if u put it off even a week, u run the chance of wearing out ur tires down to the wire…

You should know this:

If you plan on keeping your struts/springs installed while you put on your camber kit, you’re going to need some kind of metal cutters. For some reason Honda’s stock anchor bolts are connected by a piece of metal that goes behind the strut assymbly. You’re only options are to take the struts out or cut that piece of metal.

Other than that its a very easy install. You don’t even have to take the wheel off. Email if you want detailed instructions.


you might want to get some new tie rods also cause i know when i did my camber kit the toe was pointing out real bad on both tires. so in other words you will most likely have to do an alignment job before you set the tires on the ground.

You do not need new tie rods. Just install the kit and drive to an alignment shop. Thats it.


are you serious about the cutting? why would honda put that in? any repercussions of doing so? say if you wanna put the stock back in if you sell the car