Camber Kit

My car will soon be dropped down to 2 inches with new struts. I am throwing rims on soon thereafter and am looking for advice on whether or not to install a camer kit.

I personally don’t think it is needed and have heard I can ride fine with 17’s and a two in drop. Let me know what your opinion is because I don’t want to end up with wheel shakage or bad handling or uneven tires.



Usually most people with a drop lower than 2" will need a camber kit. I have a 2.5" drop and need one for sure. IMO, I’d get a camber kit even for a 2" drop, because you will eventually develop camber wear.(just not as bad or quick as someone who is low like me :D)

getting a camber kit would be advisable if you want to save a little on tire wear. make sure you get your car aligned afterwards.