can i change my stock b18 to vtec? How?

Hi- i was wondering if it is possible to change my stock g2 teg’s b18 to a vtec? If i can, how?? do I change the heads? if i cant, then what about those jdm engines? I live in california so, what would i have tgo do to make a jdm smog legal? What i really want to do is change my stock block to vtec, but i dont know how… if any one has any info id appericate it alot.
thanks alot

Search around on this site (esp. in this particular forum) for info on LS/vtec, and swapping. There is much to be learned. It will be much easier to discuss your options, once you have a little info, and some idea of the direction you want to take.


hey- i heard that you can just change the heads to b18b1 heads and the car will still pass smog… how does this compare to a vtec engine if i change the heads to b18b1 heads??

Where have you been? Do a search for this material. Anyway, swapping the head for a b18b1 head is nothing like doing an ls/vtec conversion. Basically the b18a head is the same as the b18b, b20b and b20z heads as they’re all non-vtec. By swapping on the newer non-vtec head you can get around 10hp.

well, im not dumb, ive been reading all of the different postings, and my main concern is smog cause i live in cali… is there a concern if i do a ls/vtec swap… also ive been reading upo on other sites and a couple people recomended using b18c1 heads from a 95-2001 gsr… is this better than a b16a head? im just trying to address some of the topics and options not discussed in the other postings

whith the b18b head yes u may only get about 10hp but with vtec head u can climb more than 40 HP Just the head anyway

i understood that the 10 hp increase from the 18a engine to the b engine was the result of a slightly altered intake man, head, header and computer map. If this is true then just the simple head swap won’t yield the full ten hp. Anyone know for sure?

Also a 10 hp increase is squat without a torque increase. All they did from 91 to 92 is crank up the rpms a few hundred and accomodated a slightly higher power band, resulting in the higher hp figure with no more torque the turkeys.