can the tps be adjusted by drilling out the cap??

I read that most generic tps units can be adjusted by drilling a 7/16 hole in the center of the round cover (thereby exposing the screw to adjust the pot inside).

Can anyone confirm this? If you’d like, I can send scans of the literature and the examples shown. If anyone has 5min to spare, a Dremel, and a dead tps, can you cut it up and take a looksie??

This may be easier than slotting the blind bolts and replacing it with a new unit…


Things that make me say… hmmmmmmmmmm…


sorry I dremeled the heads off mine then hand turned the remaining bolts off and replaced them with new ones. I saw no evidence that there was any kind of adjustable head under the cap. Of course I might have just ground through it.

To make the adjustment, you apparently need to drill through the outer cover to access the recessed screw. I am not sure about tegs though.

Thanks for the help,

hey neex i took a look in the busted tps that came with my b16 and didnt see any thing that looked adjustable. I dont know what else to tell you about it other than it is pretty busted up and may have had the screw broke off before i got a hold of it


Thanks for the help -- long time no see.  Say hello to your woman for me.  Is she still building a track car?

If you don’t want that snapped tps that you have, will you send it to me? I’d really like to disect the hell outta it to see if I can come up with a way to adjust them.

I am sure it can be done. Almost all of them are the same regardless of the manufacturer.

Thanks again!


yeah sure just give me the detalis on you address ICQ me with the info.

ygm RipN’Teg.