Car Jerks when letting off gas

Ok when i’m in 4th or 5th gear and let my foot off the pedal it’s a rough like jerk and then slows down and it’s weird because it just started doing this like 3 weeks ago. Normally i would let my foot off the gas and it would be smooth nothing wrong. Does this mean i need to replace tranny fluid or what? Tell me what you think, i just don’t have clue. Thanks

I noticed the same thing on my Ac as well. I had they tranny flushed but didnt help at all. I honestly think that this is the tranny acting up. Its almost like a slight “jerk” when taking foot off gas right? When floored and shifting from 2nd to 3rd, it would slip a little some times as well. I think its the tranny saying “I need rebuilt”

lots of things can cause it to do that, and cheaper to repair than a tranny. check tranny mount, motor mounts,ball joints, and also axles and cv joints