Car repaint soon, what color?

Hey guys, I’m repainting my car soon, and getting all of my body work done, and replacing my ghetto right-rear panel.

I love the color now (baby blue), and theres not many ppl with it I’m debating if I should keep the hood black, or go baby blue also. And if I stay black should I go with glossy or matte?

Or should I just change the color of the whole car? Any ideas? What color?

(jambs and all getting painted so I can do a full change w/o it being janky.)

hey if u got money to get the whole car reapainted some funky color go with

deep royal blue
a rusted orange,copperish or bronze(not
bright orange)

Hm… Today I was kinda in the mood for a burned orange or a bright lime green… Anyone else got ideas?

I had a lime-green car once. It was an early model eclipse. I loved it man. I was the only guy in town with a car that color and trust me, it got some people’s attention.

I guess it just depends on your tastes though. I like the baby blue color alot… but you should do the whole car in the color. That color blue with the black hood looks kinda awkward.

Personally, I really think our model tegs look really good in a dark blue color. it’s all on you though dude. that’s just my opinion.

I like gun metal , there is a del sol /crx here with that color so bad ass,