Car stalls while driving

1993 Integra LS
brand new fuel pump, new fuel filter, distributor cap and rotor have about 8k on them, plugs and wires have about 8k on them. car will stall while driving and wont start again for several minutes. tried finging something on here related to this but found nothing usefull. any ideas?? thanks all!

ICM? Does it run bad, or just die?

Did you just replace the cap or the whole distributor?

the car just dies. i just replaced the cap and rotor. just looked a bit ago and the tips were groggy looking. anything i can do to test the ICM?

Have you tried your main relay?

not yet. i saw no need to seeing the pump is running the entire time. im thinking its the ICM because i know the pump is doing its job when it should be.

This is how to test it.

NOTE. Just because the test come back positive, doesn’t mean that the ICM is the actual problem. I tested mine, and according to this, it was to be changed, but that wasn’t the problem. This is either, it is the problem an it is malfunctioning, or its working perfectly.

First, check for codes. If you have any my guess would be it’ll be a code 15. In that case it’s either the ignitor or the coil, both in the distributor - and I would replace the whole thing. There’s a thread on this at least once a week…

thanks guys! internal coil was junk, got me an MSD.