car wont start

Please help me! I haven’t drove my car for three days. I went to start it today and it wouldn’t start. The radio and A/C went on so it isn’t the battery. I replaced the starter about seven months ago. I tried hitting the starter but it still didn’t start…any ideas???:wink:

You might want to get your battery checked anyway. Just because it can run the radio doesn’t mean it has enough cranking amps to start the car. Try to jumpstart/pushstart the car. That will help narrow it down.

Darcibear, I’ll guarantee you its either the distributor cap & rotor, OR the ignitor…People get the same I-cant-start-my-car problems. Just head up to the junkyard and find a HONDA Motor, mostly all ignitors are the same (just not the distributor itself)…take the ignitor and pop it in your car. I took mines off a 1.5L (92-95 Civic DX’s) and replaced it…Started fine :cool:

before diagnosing, What do you hear?

Does the engine turn over then shut off?

Does it only click?

Does it do nothing when your key is turned to ignition?

Make sure that the wires did not come loose from the starter.
Myne came loose and I would have trouble starting it every once and a while. I tightened the connector and plugged it back in . I have not had a problem since!

Ignition Coil

I just got a use 93 Integra.
I drove it for a day then it wouldnt start anymore.
The crank would turn, but that was it.
I replaced the battery, distributer cap, and the rotor. I gave up and threw the car in the shop. It turned out that the ignition coil went bad. I paid $200 for part and LABOR.

Now the car starts, when the key is barely turned. I’m happy.
Hope this helps you.
Good Luck,