Car Won't Turn Over Only When Driven Awhile??????

[SIZE=“2”]I looked threw like 2 pages of g2ic material I know someone else had to have this problem but couldn’t find it so pleas help me!!!. I Recently replaced my battery and alternator cause the one day I took my kid to the park and came back it was dead…So I test it it was keeping it at a steady charge but not putting any charge in back up so if I use lights and windshield wipers it’d go over but i never got a low batt light. So I tried to limit my use of the car but I’d notice that if id drive it for awhile so that the engine got hot and I stop some where it would act as if ( at the time I thought it was) the battery was low everything would power up but when you went to turn it over everything would kind of dim out. No cranks or and sounds but if you let it sit awhile it would start back up. so I got batt,alt,and starter and a week and a half later it’s doing it again. What could cause the starter to not work only sometimes…Mostly when it’s hot???[/SIZE]

edited whoops didn’t read the “no cranks”

The starter itself won’t turn the motor over? If it’s an AT it could be the neutral position switch. If it’s a MT, it could be the clutch interlock switch. Have you tried jumping the solenoid terminal on the starter (black/white wire) to the positive battery terminal when it doesn’t want to turn over to see if the starter itself is working? Make sure your car is in neutral or park when you try that btw. If it turns over, then you know it’s one of the above switches.

i agree with the starter theory. with an old worn out starter, it works great when its cold, but when it gets hot, it won’t work.

If you are unsure as to whether or not it is the MFR or the Distributor, turn your key over and the check engine light should come on and you should hear a click that would be your MFR working.

well i don’t think it’s the starter cause i just changed it…I’ll try the mfr thing…

I have my old starter i’m taking that to get test if that passes i know it’s not the starter. Battery’s good.Maybe ignition or the clutch sensor thing… It has to be something electrical my car doesn’t crank over Like it gets gas and spark but the starter won’t move.It’s like having a dead car you put the key in turn it all the way nothing no sounds, clicks ,pops, meow’s, nothing The starter flat out won’t turn over, But that’s only when it’s hot out and it will always start when i very first get in it as long as the temp go down But now it’s getting warmer at night so after i park it then it won’t turn on in the morning. When i go to work i have to park it in the back of the lot so i can roll it down the hill to bump start it… It will start when i do that… It that bad for the car?? What can it be??

Sounds like the starter relay. Heres a recent write-up from a member on here about replacing it.

Or if that doesn’t work, its just in the articles/tegtips under “starter relay.” Those sound like your exact symptoms. Hopefully that helps.

^ x2 Very well could be the starter relay…

personally i’m having the same issue… thought it was just a fluke… but i’m pretty sure its my starter (plunger). cuz it’ll start right up if i go and tap the starter with something. ps… its more than a lil tap.

How do i know if it’s the main relay or starter relay?

Send me your email address and I’ll send you a .pdf file that explains the process. You’ll need a multimeter.

If it was the main relay, the car would still crank, just wouldn’t start. The starter relay causes the car not to crank. It COULD be something other than your starter relay, I would just start with that. Good luck.

Well… It’s not The Starter Relay. Got it over night shipped and put it in nothing still power to everything but won’t crank over. What’s Next On The List?

u try checking that ur battery cables are good? could be a slight break in the cable, so that when everything gets hot, it increases the resistance or it causes an open, and then u get no power to the starter.


If anyone else has an idea as to why my starter won’t work by all means tell me I’m open to all opinions

wow i guess my opinion/suggestion wasn’t worth much. considering that a “specific” (not hard to figure out) battery cable goes straight to the starter. but oh well. good luck then.

Hey hey hey squeeze I didn’t leave you out. Infact I grinded down where the negative batt line goes to the body both places. It started right up but it is also night here. I’ll have to see what happens in the morning…

ahhh sounds good. at least u’re making progress. but just know that sometimes when the battery cables get old… that if u move them it will break continuity, and then when bumped into another certain position it’ll be ok. and its not something u can inspect, unless u completely strip the cables of insulation… or use a dvom and check continuity (resistance) while u have the cables out and moving them around to see if they change the reading. alligator clips on the ends of the dvom hooked up to the cable ends is very handy for this

SQUEEZE it worked I sanded down the grounds and it fired right up even in like 90 degree weather. Thanks for everyones help!!!