cd player too old?

My friend gave me this cd player so I figured I’d put it in the Teg…I’m wondering if it’s just REALLY old cause it only seems to play “real” CDs, like that you buy at the store. None of my burnt ones will be read. I tried burning only .wav files on it, slowing down the burn speed…anything. Is it possible to get it to play or is it just too old?

Here’s a pic of it, its the bottom one…the Acura one is broken and is being used as a dash kit for now LOL

A make and model would help.:idea:94

How did you burn the CD?

Did you burn it as an AUDIO CD, or as a DATA CD.

When you put the CD in the computer, it should have a list of TRACKS (Track1, track2, track3, etc). it should NOT have the names of the songs (Unforgiven.wav, Enter Sandman.wav, Living on a Prayer.wav, etc)

[hahaha I just dated myself] :lol:

if you see the song names, then you burned the CD as a DATA cd which that CD player will NOT read. You MUST burn the CD as an AUDIO CD.

There were some REALLY old CD players that would not play burned CD’s, but I believe that one should play them fine.

Yes I burn it as an audio CD…I am clueless lol

Then it sounds like it is Very OLD/Cheap/Both and doesn’t support burned Cd’s.

If it was mine, I’d chalk it up as a “ground” problem and “give it ground”

: Picks up radio and throws it against the ground : :naughty:

Of course I’d wait till I could afford a new one. :slight_smile:

Don’t know the model but even some high end cd players back then couldn’t play the burned cd’s… just depends on the manufacture and model…

I have an Alpine that’s top of the line back in 98 and it doesn’t play burned cd’s but it’s all good cuz I just use a cd changer for all my burned cd’s. Still rockin’ the 98 Alpine cuz it’s fucking badass…

So either get a cd changer or buy a new cd player… they aren’t that expensive nowadays… some even play mp3’s…