cel's semi built all motor ls

Just started my high compression ls with built head and it runs decent other than throwing code 15 and 43. 15 is ignition output signal ( is that the ignition module thingy in the §§§§§ ??) but code 43 it has never thrown. Injectors look good and have ran fine before without ever throwing a code. I put fresh gas in the car and it fires up fine. Just idle a little high and throw’s these to codes … ANY THOUGHTS ?? the car has been sitting for like 5-6 months. had no gas. i put a 1/4 tank in it so idunno maybe main relay or some how the fuel pump just randomly took a shit ???

It dosn’t sound like the relay. I had mine go last summer, never threw a code, just started sort of sputtering and leaning out under hard throttle until it stopped sending power to the pump completely and the car thus refused to start.

Mind if I ask what your build is and dyno numbers if you have them? I’m thinking about building my ls as well once I get the money together.

no dyno numbers yet still figuring fixing out the kinks in it ( 2 cel’s )
build consist of
.50mm over bored ls block ( technically a 1.9 liter ls now)
.50mm over p30 pistons
balanced bottom end
new bearing and rings
type arghhh oil and water pump
crower ti springs and retainers
ported and polished
crower 403’s
stock valves / new seals
ported intake manifold
ported thottle body
aem intake with blox velocity stack
rage tri-y header
tranny is a usdm gsr cable tranny with stock flywheel and stage 3 egay clutch ( never had a problem on my b20 with 14 psi
car also has all new suspension and a hidden 100 shot. :0)

from the research I have done people say code 43 only gets thrown when you have a faulty 02.
I have ran no 02 before and not thrown a code. There isn’t a o2 sensor in it right now so 2 mrrw or the next day im ganna throw in a o2 sensor and a new §§§§§ and then she should be ready for panty rippers…
Im hoping for low 13 or high 12’s in my 4door which is pretty conservative.

Anybody have any thought or does fixing the o2 and replacing the §§§§§ seem like the best solution ???

i have almost same setup, and im getting 43 also. I had it a couple times before the build but didn’t dig into the problem cause it would only come on once a month maybe. But since the build its pretty much every time i drive it. I’ve replaced the O2 with no luck but haven’t touch the distributor cause im not getting 15. I thought it might have been a fuel pressure problem so put an adjustable regulator on but still comes on. My next step is the pump I guess, just haven’t had the time to drop the tank and get started.