center support beam?

ok, so im trying to get to my o2 sensor and replace it but its proving to be a bitch.

im wondering if i can remove the metal beam that runs between the oil pan and tranny, to get to the sensor easyer? it starts out with three bolts underneath the middle of the front bumper and goes back to the beginning of the cat.

thanks for any help, daniel :up:

yes, you can remove it. In fact GSR’s didn’t even come w/ that support.

but will anything fall out or come down if i do so? :hmm:

i took mine off and LEFT IT OFF

honda optional equipment :giggle:

think about it… its bolted to the front crossmember, and the rear crossmember, nothing else. Its not holding anything in place. And as I said before it doesn’t come stock on the gsr. And often it must be removed if you install an aftermarket header. So just pull it off, don’t worry about it. You can put it back on or not, thats up to you. I’ve been running w/o one for 2 years.

so whats its purpose, to sit there and look :gay: ?

Really, i’m not sure. It seems like it was put there to add some type of stability or rigidity… but then honda makes the gsr, which is supposed to be their “performance” integra, and just removes that brace so the new header fits. Can’t be that important if the remove it just for a header.

it helps for when you bottom out your car, or you run over a curb that you dont smash the oil pan underneath it, but rather just MAYBE bend that bar!

its just extra protection for the oil pan!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: