CF Hood And Lip

I was thinking of going with a carbon fiber hood and front lip and wanted to get some recommendations on manufactures. I was looking at the JDP lip because in all honesty that was the only one i have found. For the i hood i was thinking VIS, but i am not sure.


I’ve got an Aerotrends hood and it fits like a glove. Best hood I’ve ever seen with regards to fit and finish.

What did you pay for your hood and where. Also how is it holding up. By the way do you have any experience with JDP.


I paid about $490 to get it shipped to my door from Aerotrends. They claim that their hoods are “VIS Spec”, but I’ve seen VIS hoods on g2’s and even they don’t fit as well. Asside from the clearcoat needing to be polished (I didn’t put a good coat of wax on it soon enough), the hood is holding up great. It doesn’t have provisions for your washers, but I fixed that with a little double-sided tape. I’ve heard nothing from/about JDP’s products, but I’m sure there’s a few reviews on them somewhere in the archives.

JDP lip, It depends on how perfect you want the hood to fit to which company you should go with.

id like it to fit as good as possible. The closer to perfect the better. And is the jdp lip pretty good quality.


You will want either ViS or Seibon

i have a jdp front lip and i love it it fits great.

If you can, try to find fiber images. Seibon and VIS are heavy compared to fiber images. The quality and fitment is better as well.

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siebon hood, and jdp lip. period.

JDP Lip and a Fiber Images hood. I love the look and fitment.

That’s a FI hood!!! No fucking way…every one I’ve ever seen on ANYTHING fits like a $5.00 pile of turd.

anyone remember the OG sunnystyling carbon fiber hood with the black border? we’re talking '97 '98 here most of the noobs would have still been in grade school.

I got the hood like 3 years ago. Fiber images fits like a glove from what i seen. or maybe that was just back in the day. I have had no problems no fading or anything.

ViS hood and type r knockoff lip (revolution autowerks)

Hood fits great, looks great, and haven’t had any probs with the finish. Lip is holding up well, only rubbed it twice, can’t even tell.

– Kevin

Don’t make fun of my headlights, I needed a projector for the HIDs :slight_smile:


FI are probably the lightest cf hoods out there that actually fits great compared to others.

So, my stock hood is pretty dinged up… where’s a good place to look for CF hoods? I’ve found one place, but they’re saying the shipping weight is 150lbs! is that right?! :wtf:

browse the site dude. there’s a GREAT guy in the sponsor section who’ll hook you up with the best hoods you can buy.

Long long story. Shipping weight is because it becomes deminsional weight. length x width x height. 164? /60x60x5. Its over the oversize 3 size, which makes it a freight item. We are just trying to make sure that the shipping rate comes out high enough, Becuase it is VERY EXPENSIVE (as many of you know) to ship a hood.