changing paint color

hey guys im kinda lost i want to change my paint color to blue or black and right now its jasper green metallic but i dont know how its going to look after with the engine bay and door jams the old color can someone help with decicing if it would look dumb?

It will look dumb! Stick with the jasper or something close, or else do it right. You won’t be happy with the results.

i am doin a color change i am paintin the jams the color of the car but im spraying the engine bay black…i know its not as good as the same color as the car but looks better than the stock color

Does anyone know if you have to re-register your car if you paint it a new color?

yeah you do atleast here you just have to go in tell them u changed the color n they will print u a new reg.

go ‘right’ or go home

well i dont have time to pull the motor, so i think black and copper orange goto together better than maroon and copper/orange. anyways wats so wrong with a black engine bay, im doin most of it the color of the car just not firewall and innerfenders,rad support bottom of hood, where fenders bolt will be same color and the valve cover will be same color also i think it will look good.

rusted quarter panels

i just got a integra and the passenger quarter panel is rusting through…should i just replace the quarter panel…and if so how much does a quarter panel run for…or should i just try to sand what i can and use some filler or what…dont know what to do need help…

cut out and weld patches, filler wont last long, and new quarter is bout 500 dollars