check engine: what would cause '43" fuel system supply?

check engine: what would cause '43" fuel system supply?
imthinkin jus a loose vacuum line… like the one from the fpr. any thoughts?

Clogged fuel filter

99% of the times a code 43 is the O2 sensor… If you never replaced the sensor or can’t remember when it was replaced, might to a good time to replace it…

BTW, do a search, this topic has been discussed lots of times and you’ll find everything you need in those threads! :slight_smile:

just like answer said

its mostly the o2 sensor. if u havent changed it do that first

other things it could be is alot of things on ur fuel lines etc. fuel pressure reg, fuel pump (unlikly), filter, injectors, etc

try a search

I got the same code 43, and it took me a few months to figure out I had a cracked vaccum line going into the map sensor. Id check for that first. It will put out a rich mixture if that is the case, along with white gas smoke out the exhaust.