Check Engine

I just had my stock exhaust mainfold removed and replaced with DC Sports Ceramic 4-2-1 headers. No after about 15 minutes of driving the check engine light comes on. My question is why does the light come on and how do I fix it?

Check what code the CEL is throwing.

check the code and make sure u plugged in your 02 sensor

does it come on after driving the car for like 10 min? it could be your o2 censor.

It could be ANYTHING.

Until he posts what code it is throwing, replying what it could be is pointless.

I just check the code, the code is 43 fuel system. I didn’t install the headers I went to a tuner shop and had it done.

wen was the last time u cchanged ur fuel filter…and did they plug in a o2 sensor?

I had the fuel filter changed a year ago, and I double checked the O2 sensor (I made sure it was fully plugged in). The sensor did look a little loose, so I hope me playing with it helped fix it.

cool, youre having the same problem i am then. its going to make your car run a little rich.

I am still have the same issue and its driving me nuts. I have noticed that my gas mileage goes up and down alot.

u guys should reset the ecu because the old fuel maps that the ecu has learned are no longer correct because now you have a better flowing header which could throw the o2 sensor off. Just an idea its simple and costs nothing.

where would I go to get it done? I am guessing my the tuner shop by house I use should be able to do it?

better yet you can do it urself here it is

just a thought but have both fuel filters been replaced? been a while since i’ve been in a DA but isn’t there a filter on the pump in the tank and under the hood on the firewall?

I had my fuel filter (under the hood) changed about 6 to 7 months ago. I reset the ECU and the car still has the same issue. I am wondering if it is running richer because of the DC Sport Headers or the engine bay is getting hotter because of no heat sheild on the Headers? If I have to I will pay the $140 + to get a fuel system cleaning to see if that does it. I might just scrap the whole DB1 and get out of the scene.

When you install a new header sometimes they smoke a little from the materials used in manufacturing and bending. Try replacing your O2 sensor it is probibly fowled.

:werd: replacing the O2 sensor would be where I would start.

ok, I bought a new sensor and I going to throw it in tonight. Do i need to reset my ecu after I install the sensor?

I would to make sure there are no codes stored

I had the same problem when i put my header on, changed the o2 and reset the ecu and hasn’t came on since. Hope that helps man,