Checked shifter counterweight, still hard knocking on right hand turns...

Sorry if this is pissing you guys off, but I still cannot locate the problem… right now its bitterly cold in Toronto so taking apart my axles, etc., is not really an option right now…

But does anyone have ANY idea as to why this is happening???

To refresh your memory:

  • It only occurs on right hand turns, usually in 2nd gear or neutral, not as much in 1st or 3rd (the upper gears)
  • I turn the wheel and i hear AND feel this CLUNK (just once)
  • Then as I am unwinding from the turn, the same CLUNK comes back…
  • It happens twice for every right turn I make.

Also my shifter is bouncing around now and feels like the entire thing is just gonna fall right out… could this be the rest of the shifter bushings (that I didn’t replace… i only replaced the one in the shifter cuz it came with it).


I had the same problem, it was when I’d down shift into second, make a turn, in neutral, and driving in fifth. It eventually got to the point whereI couldn’t take it anymore.

What I did (haven’t had any problems in 2 years!!!):

drilled 4 holes, 2 in front of the shifter and 2 behind. Ran some thick wire from under the car through the holes and had a friend help me pull the wires as tight as I could. (wrapped the wires on the end of a screw driver). After doing that I never really feel clunks at all. Shifting is smooth and I recommend getting the front bushings as well ( I got the B&M bushings, and set the shifter all the way back)

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.


I don’t understand by what you’re saying… “drilled holes”?

Thx for the response, BTW!

I really need help on this guys!!!

To the top…

I figured this… when I make right turns, the driver side sinks, because of the laws of physics and what not, so there’s much more stress on the driver side axle. Is this correct?

It’s weird though… sometimes the clunk is “far” into the engine bay and sometimes the clunk is “right underneath” me…

Ahhhhhh so confused!