Chronic axle failures

I replaced both driver and passenger side axles about a year and a half ago. The driver side is aligned perfectly in spec and the passenger side’s caster is a little off. The camber on both sides is around -1.8*. I have never had any problems with the passenger side axle.

However, I replaced the driver side axle 4 times due to it beginning to click. Then after what I thought would be the final replacement it began vibrating on the highway. It went away then came back again on the highway about 300 miles later. The axle popped a couple miles down the road and I was stuck 3 hours from home.

We filed a claim with the axle company and they denied paying for the uhaul trailer rental and gas for my dad to come pick me up. They stated:

“After careful examination and extensive testing, it was determined that the failure was not related to a defect in the materials or workmanship…The reason for the failure may be due to a change in alignment between the transmission and the wheel which can be caused by vehicle or impact damage to the vehicle or drivetrain.”

Anyone know what could be wrong here? I did have an accident where I hit a curb in the snow a couple years back. The frame was bent but it was bent back and the car was aligned after the accident, and once again after I lowered it. All of this is in a '91 Integra.

CN: please read if you know much about axles, but I have had several axle failures and car is well- aligned.

are they high quality axles? A lowered car w/ that much negative camber can definitely go through axles pretty quick… just depends on the exact situation.

My first set of raxles (pretty darn good axles) lasted me about 2 years, the 2nd set lasted a little over a year, and now I’m on my 3rd set which has been on the car for a little over a year and holding up great.

they were just remanufactured axles. About 80$ each. The thing is the pass side has slightly less neg camber and is on its first axle with zero clicking.

check your motor mounts