civic radiator

Im wondering if anyone has tried to get the civic radiator in our 2gen’s. My radiator just popped its cork and I have my buddies spare civic radiator that I can use. I already mounted the fan and plugs to it but now im stuck since the civic radiator wont mount in the same position as the oem. If anyone has done this can you post some pics just so i can get an idea.

In case your wondering why dont i just get a oem replacement, I intend to drop a jdm 2000 ITR B18c motor in the near future and the radiator would work perfect with the swap. I dont think its going to change the effectiveness of cooling a vtec motor… Let me know waht youi guys think and add some ideas so i can mount this thing, I need to get my car running asap.

most turbo guys including myself use a civic half rad. if you search there’s many threads about fitting it in. basically just get creative. place it where you want it to be and fabricate some mounts/support for it.

I just installed mine last night. I just boosted my b20z can get some pics up but here is a link with some pics on it.

heres some pics of my old half rad.

newer thicker rad. used the same supports and this one sits a little bit lower.

and the hole i had to cut in my hood for the rad to fit