Cleaning a Steel Wheel

Hey guys - washed my car today and every time I do it I cringe when I see my steel rims. They have this “gunk” on them that won’t come off even with the wheel cleaners I’ve tried It may be due to the harsh winters here, but who knows, regular wear and tear most likely. But I’d still like to fix it. :frowning: Anything really strong that you can suggest or anyone withthe same problem that can help would be great.

I searched and only found this thread…similar but not really…

Thanks in advance,

have you tried simple green. that stuff works maricles.

those look like aluminum to me . . . . that’s corrosion on the wheel and it’s a PITA to get it off . . . . taking them to a shop that polishes wheels would be a good start

or you could get them sand blasted and powdercoated?