cleaning pistons and cyls without removing the head

i know my pistons have got to have some thick sludge built up on them from burning oil… anyone know of any fuel additives they sell or ways i could get some of the sludge out of the cyl’s?

Seafoam, you can put it right in your throttle body and it will go riht into the cylenders, that will get it from the top end, and you can add it to your oil and fuel also to attack it from all other angles :wink:

name real shit…

seafoam is real.


whats seafoam than?

Seafoam is the crud that you see at the ocean due to industrial run off and other pollution.


why don’t you try searching. maybe after you SEARCH you’ll realize how dumb you sounded when saying “name real shit…”. think before you speak.

i’ll make it easier for you, there are a couple threads in the product/review forum about it.

WOW!!! Another intelligent showing from our boy, Radzero… :roll:

How do you know. If you took the head off before why didnt you clean them than.

Take the head out. drop the pan. Take out rods and clean them or have the shop do it. Have your valve cleaned to since its out…Easy DIY

Don’t forget to buy a can of Deep Creep as well as the SeaFoam … For directions, search H-T, there’s a LOOOOOONG thread on people’s experiences with this product … Best $6.00 I’ll ever spend …

Can you buy this stuff at a local part store or autozone?

are you fuckin’ crazy. that is some seriously expensive advice. fuck that, just replace the complete engine with a b18c5, ya that’s the ticket

u guys makeup a whole bunch of stupid names of shit in the past… so how was i suppost to know this was real or what?

anyways if the metal on the sparkplugs (no no the elctrode or the insulator… the part with the threads) has thick black sludge on it…the pistons have got too also

you can get black sludge on the threads from warmed cylinder head, blown head gasket, or bad spark plug gasket.

im talking the part that is inside the motor… not the threads themselves but its part of that metal

u dont think sludge can come from oil burning?.. because i know it burns oil

looks like right now i got alot more to worry about… like my steering rack… it started leaking lightly… and its starting to get bad QUICK… gotta look into that

At first i thought you had a typo, follow the others advice and make sure you know what the hell your talking about before you speak in reponce to somones question or a fellow members post.


oops i meant WARPED cylinder head

nope, bmw dealer or napa/riebes :smiley: