Close-Up pic of a OEM Lower Ball Joint?

Hi all,

I’ve bought some OEM Ball Joint from Honda and I have doubt they are the right one. Here’s why:

I’ve installed them on my car that did not run, so the Ball Joint didn’t have any stress on them. One of them just popped out of the knuckle to hit the Axle.

Second, theres not any groove to put a Snap Ring. In the Shop Manuel there’s a groove in the ball joint to put a Snap Ring.

Here a pic of the Ball-Joint in question:

The green part you see is not in the knuckle, like if the Ball-Joint was too long.

So is there anyone with a OEM Ball-Joint from Honda that can take a pic of it for me?


i dont have pictures but when i did my buddies accord, it didnt have the snap ring…it was still the oem one…n the one we bought from NAPA had a snap ring…

mine where like that to, as long as when there installed that the lip on the bottom is all the way seated in the knuckle. it should of been in

interesting how it poped out. the socket for it wasnt sanded or oppened up in anyway was it?

my offer still is on the table man:up:

a good indicator is to look at the castle nut when it’s spun on. if it’s out to lunch in reference to the cotter pin hole, you know it’s wrong. another thing you have to look at is the taper. take measurements in comparison with your old one.
or you could just check your part # with honda. or cross reference it with other brands.
unless there was a mix up with the packaging…

BLKACK1: I’ve sended you an E-Mail

I’m gonna check if I have the right part# today.

The hole where the Ball-Joint go was sanded by hand just to clean the surface, nothing hard.

Problem solved, I’ve buy 2 new Moog Lower Ball Joint with Snap Ring. Lifetime Warranty.