clutch/pressure plate/clutch cable?

first things first… I installed a b16 tranny (w/b16) in place of my auto b18. NOW, around 3500 rpms the clutch starts slipping. the adjusting nut on the cable is adjusted all the way up (as high as it goes). and the clutch pedal sticks up really high and the clutch doesn’t even begin to engage til the pedal is almost all the way released. is this clutch/pressure plate or clutch cable problems. is there anyway of adjusting the pedal itself. anyway, please someone help… my baby is almost ready to drive.

If your clutch is slipping with the adjuster as high as it’ll go, it sounds like you may need a new clutch. You want to adjust that nut so that it moves the arm on the tranny to just before the point at which the release bearing engages the pressure plate. Undo the cable from the arm itself, and pull the arm up and at some point you should feel it stop and feel some significant spring resistance. You want to then adjust the nut so that it holds the arm in a position that is just before that resistance (don’t adjust it to the point that it’s at the resistance or past it, as that’ll cause your release bearing to wear out faster). With it adjusted, it should start to disengage the clutch as soon as you start pressing on the clutch pedal. If your clutch is slipping though, you’ll probably need a new clutch.