Clutch problems

I have a 92 GS HB. My teg usually shifts normal. Over the last couple of months it sometimes becomes very hard to shift. Example- A couple of days ago I got to a traffic light, went to put it in first, It would not go I had to force the stick into gear. Before if it was ever tough to get in gear I could literally push the clutch in release and push it in again and it would go into gear fine. Im thinking that the clutch cable might be stretched. Possibly even the throw out bearing. But the clutch pedal only has a small “grab” area. The pedal does feel softer that normal. I was told that the cables need to be adjusted! I just wanted to check with some people that talk and know a lot about my teg. I’m sure that the “best” thing to do would be to get a clutch kit and put it in, but I wanna see if i can get some more time out of it since i just moved and am short on money. I also want to get a decent clutch, if that is the path Im gonna go, what clutch is recommended and how difficult is a clutch to put in, I have done several on Mazda and shitty fords. Any help will be appreciated, thanks guys.

i would go exedy stock replacements, price isn’t too bad and it’s really reliable. and from my experience, in comparison to mazda, specifically the FC rx-7, doing the integra should be cake. as for ford i wouldn’t know because i don’t mess with F****d Over Rebuilt Dodges’

well today it got even worste. The car would stall with a soft pedal are basically not get in gear. I got it home and tosened the adjusted bracket bolts and tightened the clutch. The pedal was much stronger, the engagment is way to high. I put it in the third and hit the gas the car moves very slowly but rpms go up fast(clutch slipping) I cant seem to adjust the engagment point. Im thinking the clutch has had it.

probably has. u want to leave about 1/2" to 1" in freeplay for the clutch pedal. u prolly have the clutch cable adjustment too tight, so the clutch isn’t fully engaged. keep moving the cable around, so that when u get in and push the clutch pedal with ur foot… u get that freeplay BEFORE u feel tension/resistance. once u get that right its just about set.

My clutch has always had only a tiny “sweet spot” and grabs right at the top of the pedel swing.

If your clutch is slipping at all though,ie. not engaging on steep hills or dropping out of gear…Chances are yeah you need a new one.

But try this…Tighten your clutch cable as much as you can one way and try to put it in gear. Then adjust it all the way loose and try it again. That should give you a feel for how far it will adjust. If it doesnt engage properly at either time maybe try replacing the cable. (Cheaper than a clutch). And if that doesnt work then yeah, looks like a clutch for you. People like the Exedy’s but I also hear its a lot like stock. Too much for some…If you want to upgrade to something that grabs harder i’d go with ACT.

Its a funny thing those cables tho, Ive had my teg for 6 years and I would say the times I’ve had to adjust my clutch cable is in the hundreds. Never seems to stay in one place for all that long. I think its why they switched to hydraulic in 94 :stuck_out_tongue:

hope it helps…

Yea thats what i did at first i tightened it very tight, the sweet spot is real high but it slips really bad. Put it in 3rd gear at like 15 mph mash the throttle and the car barely moves then the rpms rev up high w/o accelerating much. Do the black “shims or pins” come out to adjust clutch. I basically just took the clutch cable braket off tightened the cable than bolted it back up. Is there an easier way to do this?

My 90 GS did the same thing… I just went and bought a stock clutch, and now she shifts just fine…:slight_smile:

yeah one of the springs in my clutch went last year. I just bought a used OEM one for 75 bucks with lots of life left it it and its been ll good ever since.
Im no mechanic but it sounds like a clutch issue not a cable.

Yea I’m gonna do it. I’m going to order an exedy stage one clutch kit. Should be real nice once i get that all set!

Yea Im actually not sure what brand. How are the F1’s and i think xtd? Im not sure exactly. Anyone get any of these stage one clutch’s? Let me know

wow nice feedback

those ain’t gonna be much different from an oem replacement clutch. if u dont’ need performance, then find something average in price, and go with stock or all the way up to stage 2. compare prices and stuff.

Yeah I already ordered a stage two clutch and flywheel. Im waiting for it to come in. I’ve been taking stuff apart and getting ready, I’m close to taking the tranny out. Can’t wait to see what its like!

have fun. don’t forget to torque all those lil bolts in sequence and stuff on the pressure plate n stuff. and i do suggest resurfacing the flywheel tho if u are not buying a new one.

Yea I gotta pick up a new torque wrench, than I’m gonna refer to the hanes manual for any specific patern and torque. I’ve got the transmission ready to come out, everything clear and out of the way. Had a little trouble with the shift linkage pin. Its a little damaged from trying to knock it out with a tapered punch, it was a little too big and spread it. I tried punching it back and hitting out with a 8mm bolt. (on some forums members said it worked well) Anyway, i just unbolted it from the shift linkage above the exhaust pipe. I’m gonna pull the transmission out with the bar. Ill hit it out from the top of the pin. I got all the brackets out and one front transmission mount out. Tomorrow i should have the tranmission out. Ill let you know!

same problem

I have had that same problem with my 93 ls and I took it to a mechanic and they are telling me 700 to fix it not even replace it. Does anyone have an estimate on how much it would cost to replace the entire clutch because I have no idea how to fix it. THANKS!