clutch too tight

i just put my y1 trans w/lsd in and the cable is maxed out with no play at the top of the pedal. wasn’t a problem with the old trans in.
any advice?

I just had the exact same problem only I installed a short geared YS1 with a heavy duty ACT clutch plate. The clutch was insanely hard to press in to the point the car would barely go into gear if it wasnt maxed out/fully tightened.

Well On about day 2 of driving like this, convinced Im going to have to rip everything out again and re-do it, Im driving along and suddenly I hear/feel a snap from the clutch pedal and it went easily to the floor, wouldnt shift at all. I managed to pull the car off the road figuring the clutch cable had finally snapped, but to my amazment it hadnt. Not only that, it adjusted fine and worked properly ever since.

Since I had thouroughly checked the clutch cable at the firewall and at the trans for proper routing/adjustment, I can only assume that the cable binded somehow at the point where it attaches to the pedal, and finally snapped into place under all that pressure.

My advice is to completely check every inch of that cable and BOTH connecting ends. At the pedal and trans, making totally sure that nothing is stuck or binded in any way.

Hope it helps man…

cool. yeah i haven’t checked the pedal end yet. i’ll do that today. thanks for the reply

HAHA I had the exact same “POP” as zenmachine, except mine was while test driving the car. The previous owner said he had a new clutch put in, which didn’t feel right from the start, and while driving it, the thing popped and went to the floor. I barely got it back into the parking lot.

After convincing the guy that it was probably a big problem, I bought the car for $1000 less than his asking price. After he left, I adjusted the cable and drove home :rockon: