coil over install question

i tried to search, but couldn’t really get any results. i bought some coil overs off ebay and i’m going to install them in a couple weeks. my question, are there any particular bushings or anything anyone would recommend replacing? i don’t plan on dumping it on the coil overs or anything. i only want the car to lower about 2 inches or so at the most. i’m doing it for the handling more than the looks. i’m going to race it autocross in the near future as well, so i’d like to put some energy suspension bushings on it. i was just wondering which ones in particular yall would recommend replacing for the best results. is there possibly some kind of kit that would have all the bushings i’d need? if anyone has any other recommendations on stuff to do while i’m installing these, let me know. any input is greatly appreciated.


keyword: hyperflex

The full kit is around $120 for our cars. You do need a press to get some of them out/in. Get a quote from they have good prices.