Compensator arm bolt seized! HELP! ASAP!

Haha… yeah dude… make sure you paint the cut part before sealing it back up or else the cut part might get rusted in the long run…

Fun wasn’t it? LOL

When you cut it up, how did it look inside there? i saw some pics that are REALLY rusty.

Where to make the cut:

Pull off your seats and carpet and locate where the bottom seat hook latches onto… that’s where you’re going to cut.

This is where you are going to cut. I kinda cut it to big.

You can get away with it by only cutting half the size of my original cut. I’ve drawn red lines of where you can cut:

Here is how it looks like when the cut is open:

Once the cut is opened… you will see the loose nut somewhere in the cut hole. Take the nut and with the flat side first, place it on the track inside the little hole circled in red. The track is about 1 1/2" wide, place the nut inside that track… you will know what I mean when you feel the track. Sorry no pics of the track cuz it was too dark.

You will need someone to hold the nut in the track while you go under the car and screw the bolt into the nut. After that… just have the hole siliconed or welded back. Make sure you paint the exposed surfaces so it won’t rust… hope this helps for whoever gets in this effin jam…

I cut in front of it maybe a 1’’ hole. Just enought to grab the nut that fell off and to re-thread it back on.

Thanks for the follow-up and the pics Hybrid, will likely help someone else in the future. :up:

Thanks for the follow up and pics. Huuuge help:up::up:

For anyone who is swapping the compensator arm and wants to take it completely off. Spray the bolt with pb blaster and let it sit for a day or longer (important). Make sure you are getting the lube in between the arm and the body (where the nut is). You can also heat up the bolt real good for extra measure. The following day, use an air impact to take off the bolt in one quick spin. I’ve done lots of old honda suspension this way, and never had a problem. You start getting problems like this when you are forced to use hand tools or you are impatient.


HAHA 2nd that.

good to hear you got it taken care of jake. I also had this problem many years ago. I didnt fix it but my mechanic ended up drilling a one inch hole right below it so he could get the bolt back on that and then stuck a gromet plug in there to seal it back up! just another option that dosnt involve pulling the interior out!