Compression in cylinders

Nevermind… :shy:

210 sounds pretty damn good for bone stock…almost too good to be true. Are you certain that nothing was done over inside that engine?

I highly doubt anything internally was modified. Car is bone stock and very well maintained by original owner. Maybe the tester I was using was off? Maybe I performed the compression test wrong? I unplugged the ignition and cranked in each cylinder, I wasn’t sure on if the main fuel relay is the only control for the pump and seeing as how it’s so hard to get to I didn’t unplug it. Could having the car still pumping fuel have given me higher compression than it actually is?

Specs (according to my '93 FSM):
Nominal: 185psi
Minimum: 135psi
Maximum variation: 28psi

So yours does seem rather high. I’d try another tester.